Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Ending Up

It may come as a bit of a surprise to anyone who has read anything of this blog or spoken to me basically ever, but I’m no longer certain I’ll be going home to practice. I’m not certain I won’t be either. 

This lack of certainty is driving me just a little bit around the bend, but I think it’s good that I’m keeping my options open. 

My husband and I decided that in the interests of long-term planning, we’ll have one more year to decide but we want to be sure where we’ll go by the time I start my last year of residency (which is next February.) We are going to need to take time to prepare the kids for whatever we end up doing, we’ll have to make plans to transfer care of our son and apprise the school system, so it’ll be a long process which is why we’re trying to ensure as much lead time as possible. 

The fact of it all is that where we go when I finish residency is almost certainly where we will stay permanently. We want to settle somewhere so I can build a practice and we can raise our kids in a home we own. 

We know we want to go to the Maritimes. Ultimately we’d prefer to go back to our home province, but there are a bunch of things that worry us. Opportunities for our kids. Mental health care and support resources for our son. The ability for me to practice the way I wish to is a big one, as are things like practice remuneration models. 

Money has never been why I went into medicine, but I live in the real world and I have a family of six to support so yes, I freely admit that money is part of my decision process. I also have a boatload of student debt, and my oldest will be entering high school soon after I finish residency and so I’m very interested in incentive programs and they vary considerably. 

There’s a lot of stuff to think about. Deciding on my rank list was far easier because I was only trying to decide where to live for two years, not the rest of my life. 

I have a year to decide where to go. 

Why doesn’t that feel like enough time?

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