Thursday, 7 September 2017

Opening Day

CaRMS opened yesterday. I registered as soon as possible.

Now I'm comparing programs and deciding where to actually finally apply.

I think I'm going to apply to both family and OB as well as the FM+EM integrated program. I love OB and gynae. I love the OR. But I also enjoy treating children, and I think seeing families through the transition to parenthood would be really fulfilling. I also think I'd enjoy having an element of emerg as an option, though I don't think I want to do the 5 year emerg.

Ultimately, I'm going to have to give up some things I enjoy no matter what I end up in. Family definitely keeps more doors open, which is why I'll likely rank it highest, but I also want to apply to OB because I already know that I love that field..

Location is probably going to be a bigger deciding factor for me than speciality.  I'd rather be in the Maritimes for family than in Ontario for OB, but it's a very small margin.

But, of course, I may change my mind on that in two weeks. I'll be driving myself up the wall with this right up to the moment I submit my rank order list.

Right now, I just have to get my application ready. I need to write my personal letters and I just have no idea where to even begin with that. I have a four day weekend coming up (the faculty randomly gave us four days off as a "wellness weekend") and plan to spend the bulk of it working on my CV and personal letters.

I've written probably half a million words in this blog about my journey to medicine, but writing a short piece about myself as a professional is going to be extremely difficult.

Two months to put this all together doesn't feel like enough. At least I'm on family med for the bulk of it, so I'll have pretty reasonable hours and evenings and weekends to work on my application.

Hard to believe CaRMS is here already. In less than six months, it'll all be decided one way or another.

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