Thursday, 10 August 2017

By the Sea

We're currently staying in a little home near the water on the south side of the Island.

I've been enjoying my emerg elective a lot, but having a bit more exposure to it, I've decided that while I like emerg well enough, and I enjoy the pace of it, I'm not sure I necessarily want to apply to the five year program.

I like dealing with undifferentiated patients and all, but I still find myself immediately gravitating towards patients coming in with lacerations I can suture, people for whom I can use bedside ultrasound in my evaluation, or obstetric or gynae complaints.

So basically, I really want my practice to focus on women's health, and I want to do procedures.

The question then becomes: OB/Gyn or family med with a focus? Basically, I'm back where I was a year ago.

I had a completely chance meeting here when I encountered one of the PGY1s in the Island family med program. She knows two FM PGY2s who are planning to manage their pregnant patients' deliveries as part of their practice here.


Seems like there might be a setting here for me to have a call group of family doctors who offer obstetric care. When I've spoken to people, it seems like there really is space for a doctor who has a focus on women's and infant's health but isn't an OB. It might be a bit challenging to get started (I'm sure there'd be a bit of "why send my patient to you when I could send them to an actual specialist?") but my intent would be mostly to focus on routine reproductive health, sexual health, initial management of things like POP and SUI/UI, and maybe take some of the burden off the OB/gynae group by managing some of the lower acuity stuff.

The beauty of this is that I could come home to do my residency next year.

Being home is very bittersweet. It's hard for me to look at that red sand just across the field from me and think about taking a career path that would prevent me from coming home. My kids love being here. Even my dog loves it here. The winters are, frankly, awful, but the summers make it all worth it.

Wouldn't the end of June next year be a lovely time to move home?


  1. Two of the family physicians at the Community Health Centre where I work (in Ontario) do exactly what you describe: they focus on women's health, do low risk OB care (and deliveries), well baby visits, etc. Patients like it because it is "one stop shopping" for them (as they can also see the RD for prenatal nutrition, the pharmacist for concerns re: existing meds in pregnancy, the SW for mental health concerns, the RN/lactation consultant for breastfeeding concerns/advice, etc.). High risk patients DO get referred to the high risk clinic at the local hospital, but they still see our MDs for their routine prenatal care. And some are quite high risk (i.e. Pregnant post-bariatric surgery, pregnant on methadone, etc.)

    Good luck in making a decision!

  2. Do. Family. Medicine. You won't regret it, and you'll be able to customize it to fit your exact career goals!