Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Happy Birthday!

Today is my husband's birthday. I'm rather sad that I can't be with him tonight. He's sick, and the baby is just getting over being sick herself, so he's also tired. But from here I couldn't do anything for him for his birthday and I'm sad.

I will be seeing the family tomorrow. My husband is driving up with the kids tomorrow evening. I'm switching hotels as well, since this one isn't really ideal for having the whole family here for 6 days, though it's been workable for me for the last few days. It doesn't cost much more, but I wanted to save money where possible. There's actually a program that reimburses clerks for travel for one elective per year within the province, so I'm going to be reimbursed for my travel and accommodations, but I still wanted to be reasonable with my costs (even though my nightly rate at both hotels is below the cost limit.)

I'm a bit tired at the moment but it's more because I'm not sleeping well rather than anything to do with my elective. I'm not doing any call or anything, so it's just a normal 7-5 schedule (which I find amusing. A 'standard' week is 50 hours. Plus whatever call shifts you are scheduled for.)

The residents and staff I've been working with are amazing. Not that anyone at Mac wasn't awesome, but I really like the atmosphere here. It's different. Not better, but from my first few days I think I've just gotten my feet under me a bit better. I also really like being back in a bilingual environment. It hadn't occurred to me until I got here how much I'd missed hearing French regularly. My expressive fluency has also taken quite a beating over the last couple of years since I've not had many opportunities to speak with adults in French, so it's nice to be where I can use it. I think my desire to come to Ottawa for residency is certainly increasing.

This is a good city. My husband grew up here and I did live here for ten years, so we both know it well. While we did move to my home province after some rather difficult events (I knew multiple people who were murdered in a very short period) I have always liked Ottawa. Plus I know my way around well enough.

I'm very excited for my husband to get here tomorrow and be able to revisit his old stomping grounds and see his old friends. I think he's been wanting to consider coming back here himself, so I have a feeling he'll agree with me that this'd be a good place to go.

Not that I have complete control over that.

Still, it's so-far been a good trip. I'm enjoying myself. I just wish I could be home with my husband. At least the kids insisted he buy a cake, so they had that for dessert.

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