Thursday, 30 May 2013

The little moments

My husband is off-Island on business, but he'll be home in a couple of hours.

Our son had a little concert this evening. One of many little events that schools put on for parents that we suffer through for the delight of our children.

It was adorable. My son got up to the microphone and spoke his part - 'I want to be a spy' in French - then did the Fonzie thumbs up to the crowd and people burst out laughing. He yelled "Why is everyone laughing at me?!" Completely confused.

Still, he enjoyed himself. He also has inherited my distinct lack of rhythm. Poor kid.

I studied a bit afterward, but I'm going to bed early. It's proving hard to find much motivation to study right now. I just want to go enjoy myself in the moments when I'm not too sore.

Off to bed. Last day of my second week at work tomorrow. Woo!

Little Bells

So, trying to do a full length practice test when you feel like crap and have kids and dogs and a husband entering and leaving the room is not recommended.

22. 7-8-7. Ouch. I've done two practice tests before and both were around 30, but this is the first time I did a Kaplan one.

On the plus side, I know which topics are my weakest, and I also know I absolutely can't go getting distracted during the actual test.

My husband is off-Island for a business trip so I did nothing last night, just relaxed. Tonight, back to the grind.

My new job is working out, and it's great that it is only daytime hours. I'm home by 5:30 every day. It's awesome. The department I'm in s pretty good, I like the people I'm working with. There is the possibility of me continuing there through the school year, just fitting it in between my classes. That will work nicely.

Random aside I'm posting just to I have a note of it; this morning, I heard the high, bell-like cheeps of newly hatched finches. Damn those birds and their fecundity. I was checking regularly for eggs, but because they went so long without any, stopped a few weeks ago. Now there are at least two hatchlings - around 2-3 days - and another egg which will likely hatch today. It is surprisingly hard to tell how many babies there are in there without hurting them because they all kind of pile on each other and they are the same colour. They are only around an inch long, so it is easier to wait a few days until they are bigger before I count them. They'll fledge in about four weeks.

Better go buy some bugs. They need the protein when they have babies. Fortunately I can get cans of mealworms.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beautiful Days

Today has been a gorgeous day. Bright sunlight, blue skies with fluffy white clouds, the world coming alive in the green of spring all over again. My favourite kind of day.

I haven't been able to do anything but curl up in a chair for the most part though.

Rather glad I have my imaging appointment tomorrow so we can start figuring out what's going on. I have a referral in to a specialist I've seen before so I'm bound to have more appointments coming up soon. Fortunately my employer is very good about accomodating appointments and such.

Studying has been difficult, but I'm still socking away at it. Tonight I'm doing a full test once the kids are in bed to assess my strengths and weaknesses at this point.

I'll post my results.


Yeah, no, didn't get through the whole test. Got really, really nauseous and didn't want to throw up on my book, so I'm watching Star Trek.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Year 2 To Go

The timetables for next year went up yesterday, and I am quite disappointed. Two courses I wanted weren't offered. Two were scheduled at the same time as classes I have to take for my degree, so I can't take them.

Modern physics and biophysics 2 were both scheduled at times that interfere with necessary classes - and there is only one session of each offered. Science and literature and Myths of Love and Marriage weren't offered at all.

There also were not many science classes that fit into my schedule, so I'm stuck with four non-science classes next year. My university just had rather massive cuts, so the schedule was really quite disappointing.

I'm taking sociology (I and II) which both appear to be offered online. I'm also going to take a philosophy course and a religious studies course.

The sociology 101/102 courses at my university have a reputation for being extraordinarily easy, so I am looking forward to those. The religious studies one is on a topic I'm very familiar with, though a religion different from my own. I expect I will be able to do quite well.

My pre-vet friend and I are taking four of the same courses - along with the same labs - each semester. It will make studying easier to have someone to do it with. I'm expecting to work some during the year, so having my schedule as clustered as possible helps. It's still more spread out than I'd like.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Been a rough week for me.

I like my new job. It's all forms and numbers and exact procedures. Things I'm good at. While I'm good at improvising, I also enjoy knowing *exactly* what I should be doing. I'm very efficient and good with office-y stuff, so I expect I'll do well in this job. Plus I have a great team, they are all very friendly and my boss is pretty awesome.

That aside, the rest has been tough. I'm still having issues. I'm being sent for some testing. Blood work is done, imaging is being done soon.

What I find rather amusing is that the DI scheduling department at the hospital itself decides on when people should have imaging done. They do not particularly care about the timeline the doctor sets out.

I saw a doctor on Sunday. He wanted me to have imaging in 2-3 days because he felt it is fairly urgent to figure out what's going on. I was called today and they scheduled me for Monday. Eight days after I saw the physician.

This is quite normal here. The physician's wishes don't matter that much, the DI scheduling department just kind of fits patients in whenever. The only exception is if you come in through emerg.

When I was pregnant with my daughter, early on there was a concern that my pregnancy was ectopic. They wanted me to wait two weeks for an ultrasound - for a suspected ectopic pregnancy. So my doctor sent me to the ER and called to yell at them.

I'm going to have to remember how this all goes here when I'm a doctor here myself. It is intensely frustrating to be a patient and be told one thing by a physician and another thing by a desk clerk who is going and making judgement on my health condition. I imagine it's rather frustrating for doctors too.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Bad timing

I start my new job in 12 hours. A job I have been trying to get for a while.

I'm also in a lot of pain. Now, my relative pain scale is pretty broad. I've given birth without drugs, including a placental complication which was handled without drugs as well because they didn't have time to give me anything. Suffice to say, I have a pretty good handle on pain.

Right now, I am in a. lot. of. pain.

I'm waiting to see if it gets better and if it doesn't abate a bit, I may consider going to emerg tonight, but I probably won't. If it's debateable whether it is worthy of emerg, it probably isn't.

Thing is, going to emerg for pain is a good way to guarantee you'll wait a long time. They assume - understandably, given how often it happens - that someone coming in complaining of great pain is likely seeking drugs. They probably see that often enough that it'd make them skeptical of an otherwise healthy 20-something woman coming in for pain.

As a rule, I do not take pain meds that are strongly addictive. I was once given fentanyl following surgery, but I don't take so much as a T3 if I can avoid it. Lots of people with prescription painkiller addictions started when they were given a prescription for a perfectly valid problem. That is not a risk I want to take, given how much addiction there has been in my family. Plus, I dislike taking medication if it is avoidable so I prefer to just deal with pain by breathing/meditating, which is rather effective.

Not right now, though. I'm laying in bed, like I have for much of the past few days, contemplating whether something can be done once and for all for this blasted problem that has had me laid up way too many times.

Feeling rather whiny tonight. I'm not going to be able to do any studying since my ability to focus right now is very limited.

My husband, bless the man, is going out of his way to do everything for me right now. Wonderful, wonderful man. I'm so glad he's home.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

MCAT Resources

I have the Kaplan, TPR (thank you very much to my commenters who mentioned them,) and EK books.

Keep in mind that I have taken a year each of physics, general chemistry, and biology. I've also taken a semester of statistics.

The books generally assume that you have already taken organic chemistry. I have not. Except for a couple weeks in high school which, to be honest, I didn't really go to. I remember the material from my self studying to pass the exam (I will note I got 67% in grade 12 chemistry. I almost never went to class.) That is the extent of my knowledge of organic coming into this.

If you have not seen the content lists for the MCAT, . here's a link to the page with content lists.

If you look in the biological sciences one, you will first notice one thing: it is seventeen pages.

Seventeen pages of detailed descriptions of the material that MIGHT be tested. Four pages of organic chemistry topics, most of which I have barely touched on in gen chem.

Those lists are the absolutely most valuable thing I could have access to. I have them printed and have been going through and making a bit of a legend describing which areas are review, which are new, which I am most and least confident about.

On PM101, I was complaining a bit about how the EK books which everyone loves assume more knowledge of organic chemistry than I have. A fellow poster recommended Khan Academy. I'd been using it for supplemental teaching already, but stupidly had neglected to go back to it for organic.

I can be such an idiot sometimes.

So, for anyone who also fears organic, here's a link to Khan Academy's Organic Chemistry Lessons.

It's thorough. It starts slow, and it covers everything that would be covered in intro orgo.


I tip my hat to Aaron, who reminded me about it.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Improper May

It is snowing. On May 18th. I am unimpressed.

It's been tough to study this week. I've got something going on health wise and to be honest, I am completely wiped out. Can barely get out of bed the past few days and have been taking naps and such. Yesterday was just sitting around at Canadian Tire and it exhausted me. Blah. I am so tired I can barely think, and learning organic chemistry is rather difficult when I feel like I'm thinking through molasses.

Still trying, though. My husband is taking care of most of the household stuff, so I'm working on future plans.

At least the house sounds pretty. The birds are chirping and beeping despite the notable lack of spring weather.

I need some sun, I think.

Friday, 17 May 2013

New Friends

Spent most of the day at Canadian Tire. While my husband would enjoy that, I would not.

I was getting the winter tires off of the cars. Yes, I realize it is mid-May. We are expecting snow tomorrow, so it's really not that odd that we still have the tires on.

I also found a new friend.

My son named him Freddie (as in the Queen singer.) He's the friendliest canary I've ever met, so my son and I are going to work together to tame him completely. Canaries aren't impossible to tame, despite the fact that many people see them only as ornamental cage birds.

It's a test of patience, dedication, and peacefulness. Birds do not like people who flitter around, at least not while being tamed. Gracefulness is necessary. This will be a good learning experience for my son, and I'm always glad to have another bird in the house. Particularly a singer.

Though he does have to stay isolated from the finches for now.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


I slept until 10:30 this morning. My husband took care of the morning routine and let me sleep.

It was absolutely wonderful. I normally get up by 7 at the latest, but my husband is kind enough to let me sleep in sometimes.

That's about to end since I'll need to be up every morning. I just got a full time day job with a government department where I will be for the rest of the summer. That job starts Tuesday, so for now, I'm just relaxing in my last few days of vacation.

I've contacted the senior care place and have given them my new availability. Hopefully they will still have some time for me; I'd really love to work there, even though I really need the income from the government job.

Fun enough, my husband has this coming weekend off. All three days. In our entire marriage, nearly seven years now, we have never had a holiday weekend off together. At least one of us has always worked on weekends and statutory holidays.

While he was working out west, he was (occasionally) home for holidays, but that was different.

This is going to be something new and fun. A whole weekend of family time. I'm really looking forward to it!

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Going there

The income of physicians is a common enough topic that it has become absolutely pointless to discuss it amongst premeds.

Everyone knows that doctors have a very high earning capacity, especially those in in-demand specialties. That isn't news, and everyone who is intending to go into medicine does so with the understanding that the staggering debt we will be taking on is going to be paid off very quickly because of the earning power we will eventually have.

It is not WHY I want to go into medicine, but it does factor in to my decision to pursue it. I would not put my family through a decade or more where I am distracted - then a lifetime of a demanding career - if there were nothing in it for them. Rather a bald way to put it, but there you have it.

My pursuing my dream comes at a cost to my family. My kids will spend most of their childhood with their wants coming second to my schooling. Even once I am in practice, the needs of my career, I'm sure, will regularly overrule the desires of my family. That is the reality I am working on creating for them.

But, once I get in, we will also never again be in the position of a case of the flu being the deciding factor between being able to afford medications and not. We won't live in houses that are falling down around us because of unscrupulous landlords and ever-increasing rent that makes it impossible to move. The kids will not have to say goodbye to their father for months at a time.

This path has a lot of sacrifice for me, for my kids, for my husband. This is not an easy road by any means. But there are rewards in it; fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me, a career I fully believe I will enjoy, and yes, an income that means my kids will never have to go without basic things again.

I would not be putting my family into debt for a useless degree that would never materialize into a stable job. I would not be doing this to find myself at a dead end job where a layoff could destroy years of careful scrimping. I would not ask my family to make such sacrifices to put us right back where we were, only worse because we'd have loans to pay off.

Stability and earning power are very important things to consider in choosing a career. Any career. Including medicine.

It isn't greed or selfishness, just a practical matter that has to be considered.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Decision Day

Today is decision day for a lot of med schools, and tomorrow for several others. The anticipation is running high amongst applicants.

I'm very excited for the applicants. In not too long, I'll be amongst them and I doubt I'll be able to sleep at all the night before.

Today is the day where dreams are made true and also crushed for another year.

Watching the stats posted on forums is almost like a sport for premeds. Who gets in, who doesn't, what each school's preference will be for this year.

It's rather fun to watch it all unfold. I did it last year, and this year I'm even closer to being part of it myself.

Soon, soon.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Dreary Days

Kids are gone for the day, husband is at work. I'm applying for more jobs.

MCAT studying has been slower to get off the ground than I'd like. Because I'm working so hard on trying to find a job, I have had little focus to put elsewhere. It has been hard to force myself to spend time studying when I could be using that time to apply for jobs.

As of today, though, that ends. I've decided I will check the job ads only hourly, and I will not be driving around the city with resumes today. I'm going to study in between periods of checking for jobs. While finding a job is incredibly important, my future rests on the MCAT and I owe it to myself to put everything I can into it.

So, study time.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

It has been a bad day. It rained all day so I couldn't go work on my gardens and that is just the start of it.

I'd had a post planned but really don't feel like it. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Going to go study some organic chemistry. By which I mean I wish I had a nice solution of ethanol about now but I'm going to read about it instead.

Saturday, 11 May 2013


I don't work my arms very much. I do a lot of walking, lifting the kids and stuff, but I don't do a whole lot of heavy work with my arms.

Kind of regretting that about now.

The first garden bed is done, the second one we'll be prepping in the morning. The second one is much, much larger.

We're rather fortunate that our landlord really doesn't care a whole lot about what we do with the property. So long as it either raises the value or is reversible, he doesn't care.

We've looked at moving into town, possibly into a smaller house with heat included, but we just enjoy this house so much. It's a good size for us. It's very private, with a ton of space outside. With fields and woods around us, and no fences, we have far more freedom here than we would in town. The outside space means more to us than interior space anyway.

This is the longest we've lived in one house since my husband and I have been together, so for once we're really settled in. We're making it our own.

We have probably another 2-3 years here before I'm off to med school and we have to leave.

Makes me a bit sad, but I can't help but wonder if we'll find something even better somewhere else.


My sister is visiting primarily to take care of my mother (having one's own personal nurse during convalescence must be convenient) but also to see the kids. She has a much closer relationship to my son because she's had more opportunities to get to know him, but she also wants to get to know her niece as well.

Given that their aunt comes bearing gifts, my kids are looking forward to hanging out with her this afternoon.

I'm looking forward to it too, because it means I get to set up my gardens.

We don't currently have gardens, so I have to clear the sod and mix up some earth and compost for the top few inches. We'll be planting vegetables; corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, carrots, beets, and peas.

We're planting the corn beans and squash together. It is an ancient planting method used by my husband's nation called The Three Sisters. The beans use the corn stalks as supports, and also strengthen the corn by fixing nitrogen in their roots. The squash grows to shade the ground, killing weeds, and preventing some animals from eating the vegetables because of its spiky vines. The kids will get to help with them.

We could have done a garden last summer or the summer before, but honestly, it would have been a pain in the rear because my daughter required intense supervision while we were outside. She was too young to help and would have just wandered off. This year, I know she'll be really excited to be involved. My mother has given my son a tomato plant every year that he has kept in a large pot, so he's thrilled to finally be growing tomatoes in the ground.

I'll consider the time spent in my yard today to be biology studying.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Thoughts

My husband is at work, I'm about to head over with some documents for my new employer, and I had a few minutes to play around with my pens.

I took the kids out for breakfast at Tim Horton's - a rare treat - and they were both happy and enthusiastic as I dropped them off.

Since I have a bit of time, I'm doing some studying as well. I have this hanging above my desk:

While I'm generally a fairly practical person, I do find thinking positively keeps me from losing sight of my goals. So that's a little reminder to not talk myself out of doing things.

I recommend reading the book Illusions: Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. It's very seventies spiritualistic, but you'll come away from it feeling like you can do anything.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


I got the job, pending verification of a few things; criminal record check, driver's abstract, references. The typical stuff you'd expect with a position like that.

I'm quite excited to start. It's casual, so they can't guarantee hours but they are willing to work around another job when I get one. They will also work around my school schedule, so I can continue through the academic year.

They rather like that I'm planning to go into medicine, and they seemed quite impressed with me as I spoke with them. I do tend to interview very well, which I suppose is a very good skill to have. I was there for nearly two hours, but was comfortable the whole time and had no problem answering the harder questions.

If med school interviews are rather like more rigorous employment interviews, I think I'll be in pretty good shape when they come around. I've had panel interviews with up to 5 people, and have nearly always been offered the job, so I'm fairly comfortable in that situation.

MMIs, though, those will be very different from what I'm used to. Maybe. Going to be a while before I know for sure, though.

Well, that was fast.

I had an interview scheduled for next Wednesday with the senior care place I met with yesterday.

They called me this morning to come in at 11:30 for an interview as they have some clients who they think may like me.

I'm rather floored. My only remaining nice pair of interview pants (the others are all too big since I have lost weight) got a rip in them yesterday, so I'm just waiting for my hair to dry so I can go buy a new pair.

This job search thing can get expensive.

On the plus side, I did manage to get in contact with enough people. Due to the understandably vulnerable nature of many of their clients, the company is exceptionally careful about who they hire so they do require six references. It can take a while to track down that many people who have the time to vouch for you, especially when you haven't worked in three years, but I did. Guess I'm just memorable. :)

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Crossed fingers...

I applied for a job today that I am really, really hoping to get. I went and applied in person - dressed as I would be for an interview - just to ensure they got a good first impression of me. Whenever possible, I apply in person. May as well put a face to the name for them.

It's as a home caregiver for seniors. Right up my alley, just the kind of thing I enjoy doing. And to get paid for it, even better.

It is a job I have had before, though I was employed privately, not by a company. The purpose of the position is to aid seniors in tasks that they may find difficult, but which help them continue to live independently. Cooking, cleaning, running errands, even accompanying them to doctor's appointments. Simple stuff that means a lot to people of limited mobility or who face physical difficulties.

The fact that it would look pretty good on my med school application is entirely secondary to the fact that it's work I enjoy. I did it for three and a half years before, so I know I stand a pretty good chance of getting this position if my availability works for them.

It requires six references and I currently have five and am waiting on an email from a potential sixth (my faculty advisor, who I adore.)

When I met with the woman from the company, we chatted a bit, including discussion of my long-term plans. She seemed to really like me, and she was a very pleasant person to speak with. I now have an interview for next week, which I am really looking forward to.

I'm really hoping this position pans out. I'd hopefully be able to work it into my school schedule and continue through the academic year. It would be just perfect.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Young Padawan

A couple years ago, shortly after we moved in, some local kids - preteens, really - started coming by to play with our dog, who was then a puppy. I taught them how to help me refine her training. They would also play with my kids, and were very accepting of my son even though he still had quite a few issues at the time.

They are good kids, but ones who have had a really rough time of things in a variety of ways.

One no longer comes by as he moved, but there is a young girl who still comes over regularly. We sit outside and talk. She plays with the kids, shares supper with us sometimes since she doesn't always get enough to eat at home, and just generally enjoys spending time here. My kids view her like a big sister. She taught my son how to ride his bike.

Her life has been hard. Without telling much of her story, suffice to say she is no stranger to social services.

Despite everything, she is a great kid. She's smart, and dedicated. She works hard. She has trouble with girls at school and the typical dramas of preteens, but she deals with that the same as she deals with her family stuff. She talks about it, but moves on. I don't think she realizes yet how incredibly valuable that ability is.

She told me once that she can't go to university. We've talked about that a bit, and her reasons couldn't be further from the truth. I suppose when you don't have anyone who really believes in you, it's hard to believe in yourself. I've tried to encourage her to keep focused on her studies. She does enjoy school - particularly math - and I'd hate to see her drop out of high school when she gets there like so many kids in her situation do.

When I was growing up, my parents did the same thing. We were the family that took in the neighbourhood kids whose parents didn't want to bother with being parents. They'd come by for a few hours, or a few days. There were times kids would sleep over out of necessity, or because their parents had a knock-down fight that required police intervention. We were the safe house.

I'm proud to continue that tradition. My parents have stayed in contact with many of these children, who are now adults with families of their own, and I have seen the difference in their lives my parents' guidance and support made. They did it just because it is the right thing to do.

It may not be something I'll list on my med school application, but seeing this kid develop into a very caring young woman, and guiding her as much as I am able, is incredibly important to me. And when other kids come by, as sometimes they do, I will welcome them too, and give them a seat at the picnic table. Because my family is more than just my husband and kids; it also includes those who might need to just drop in for a while, to decompress, to talk.

Monday, 6 May 2013


Still no job, I'm working on it though.

Interestingly, someone who read my blog (Hi and thank you!) messaged me about a potential solution to my biochemistry prerequisite problem. It may well be possible to get permission to take biochemistry with just the first section of organic chemistry competed; students have done it before.

Whether I actually can do it depends on scheduling, and the schedule for next year is due out any day now so I should be able to get a better idea of what to do then.

It does come down to whether I want to apply to U of A. The grades I know I can get, that's not the issue. Though my alternate plan (the one semester organic chemistry, not taking two English courses during the year) has a lighter workload, I'm not really afraid of a challenge. Obviously, given what I'm already doing.

As I'll have my husband home, I'll actually have more study time available to me even with working part time during the academic year.

Decisions, decisions. I have until July to decide anyway, and my MCAT score will be the deciding factor, really.

Oh yikes. I just realized if I get a terrible MCAT score, I'm still going to have to disclose it here, in my pursuit of a complete record of this journey. Better get to studying again.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Open and Closed

My mother was finally feeling up to seeing the kids yesterday so instead of the night at the drive-in (yes, there is one here. $10 for a double feature!) we had planned with friends, we took the kids over to see her and my sister who is visiting.

Having just come through a major abdominal surgery, my mother seems to be in pretty good spirits. Given how much it takes to stop my mother from doing things, the limitations on even simple activities for six weeks must be more frustrating for her than the pain.

She was sent home with the tool for removing her staples, as my sister is an RN and can do it for her. I thought that was kind of odd, to be honest, but if it saves an uncomfortable trip into town, I suppose it's a good thing.

Now the wait is on for test results and more appointments and then more waiting. There is far too much waiting for my liking.

Much as I do enjoy learning about medicine, I would much rather it be from books and other people than my own family. Selfish as that may sound, my mother has really dealt with enough already and though I am grateful for what I have learned because of her zebra-ness, I think it's about time she get a break.

At least she gets a break from all manner of housework for the next month and a bit. At least that's something, anyway.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

One down...

My husband is signing the papers for his new, full time, permanent day job right now. He's very excited to finally have a job here at home. If it becomes necessary, the oil fields are still there, but for now, we're not planning for him to go back. It means we have just cut our family income by more than half, but it's for the best. His mental state was taking a beating out there after almost two years of barely being home.

The kids have been all over him. As soon as he got home, our son asked if he'd be here for one week or two weeks, and he said he'd be home for at least six months, maybe forever. It looked like our kid had had all his dreams come true at once. He was just so happy.

I'm still on the job search, but I will find something. I have to.

I've been flipping through these MCAT flash cards, and a lot of it really is just review from this year. Nothing, besides a bit of the organic chemistry, is particularly new to me, so my confidence is building a bit. Still focusing more on the organic. I'm planning to spend the afternoon today holed up in the bedroom, reading. Having my husband home is definitely a much better option. Even if it means massive changes on the financial side of things.

We'll need to access child care subsidy, which isn't something we're very proud of, but it's only for a couple of years until I get into medicine. It will cover just under half of our daycare costs. We have to figure out some other stuff - primarily where we can cut several hundred a month from our living expenses - but we'll manage, we always do. I will be taking out the maximum student loan amount this year, which makes me cringe a bit, but at least it will only be for a few years.

It's going to be a bit of a stretch to figure out how to get to Halifax for my MCAT, but my parents are very supportive there and may actually be helping me with it, though I don't at all expect them to.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Flash (cards)

I got a deck of MCAT flash cards by The Gold Standard in addition to my books. I'm actually quite enjoying them. I'll post a picture of them shortly to give you an idea of what they are like.

They are designed to look like playing cards, though larger. High quality too, nice and solid laminated cards.

They are considerably more portable than my books and are a quick summary of facts and formulae I need to know.

I'm fairly pleased with them, given that they were only $10 at Indigo. Nice little handy review to keep in my purse for those moments when I have only a few minutes to myself, which isn't long enough to really do any significant reading but during which I could flip through a few cards.

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Orgo Oh No

Working through the Kaplan organic chemistry book bit by bit.

While finding a job is priority #1 right now, I have literally applied to every single open job that I could potentially do, so there isn't a whole lot more I can do at the moment. It's just time to wait. Works nicely anyway - my kids' daycare is closed for professional development tomorrow and my husband found some temporary work so he won't be able to watch them.

So, chemistry it is today.

While I haven't yet taken organic chemistry in unversity, it was covered to a degree in my high school. We did some basic nomenclature and so on, not terribly advanced stuff but at least I have some foundation on which to build. I'm not finding the material difficult to absorb at all, though there is a lot of it. After I'm through this book, I'm going to return to the verbal practice, since that section is so important and does require a lot of practice.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Stomach issues are the bane of my existence. My children may be adorable, but their germs are not, and I wish they'd keep them to themselves.

Yet another day of wanting to curl up and sleep until I'm feeling better but I can't. Today was my 'find a job by this day or apply to the last resort jobs' which I have now gone and done. It required a bit of running around, which is unpleasant when nauseous. My poor husband seemed so worried because I was getting quite carsick and he was the one driving me around town.

His job search is going better than mine, which is both expected and frustrating. He has no restrictions on his availability. Because I'll be going back to school in the fall, thus returning to a 9-5 schedule, it seemed logical for me to restrict my availability so that he could try to find a permanent job, even if it is one with a crappy schedule.

He just had a second interview at one place, and it looks promising. They want to do a background check, which is good since it means they are interested (and, knowing they won't find anything, also makes us rather optimistic.)

I'm really hoping he gets that one, because it may make it possible for him to stay home year round which would be amazing.

He and the kids are outside playing, and I'm alternating between trying to study organic chemistry and trying to sleep since I have a bit of time to myself. Neither is going particularly well.

At least stomach bugs are usually self-limiting so hopefully I'll be feeling better by tomorrow.