Friday, 22 February 2013


I have 28 days of class left this semester.

Pffft. That's nothing.

Four physics quizzes, one biology quiz, four statistics assignments, two chemistry labs, and four exams. That's it. That's all that remains of my first year of university!

This summer, I'm intending to write the MCAT towards the start of August. My score will determine whether I apply to U of A this fall or not, which is why I'm writing it in August. That gives me enough time to get my results back and decide whether it is a worthwhile attempt.

If I don't apply to U of A this fall, then I won't be applying to U of A at all. I do not want to exhaust all of my potential references by having them fill out a bunch of forms for me repeatedly. In the fall of my third year, I'll be applying to the Ontario schools, so I want to just have to deal with the references required by OMSAS.

It's really hard to believe how close this is getting. How exhausting, but fulfilling, the year has been. There's only a tiny bit of it left.

My personal life has more or less gone to crap in the past couple months. Things are getting very difficult to deal with on that end of things, but I'll address stuff as it is necessary to do so and I will always keep my goal in mind.

I will be a doctor. I could be starting med school as little as 18 months from now. I absolutely must keep that in mind.