Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Ah, got that sorted.

I recently changed my password and promptly forgot it, which is uncommon for me, but I got the whole thing sorted now.

Things have been going well with school. I'm well settled into second semester and my class schedule is ideal. Two classes each morning, labs three afternoons a week. One class is online, so I am taking a full course load and maintaining my grades.

The online course will be done by February 11th, so I'll only have the four classes to be concerned with after that, and only four exams which is even better.

So far, I'm on the hunt for a prof who may be interested in taking me on as an undergraduate researcher this summer. There is one in particular whose research is right up my alley - plant extract effects on cancer - and I am going to ask to meet with him to see if he'd be interested.

Things on the non-scholastic side of life aren't going as well. There's a health crisis right now with an immediate family member. My son's behaviour has deteriorated to the point he was actually suspended from kindergarten (which is, surprisingly, actually allowed.) My husband was injured at work - he'll be okay, but it is a financial setback.

The fact that I'm still a) not insane and b) doing well at school is something I take great pride in.

School is my refuge but the financial difficulties may make it difficult to pay my tuition this semester - it must be paid by the end of classes in the first week of April - but we're trying to work things out. I will not be made to leave school over something so trivial as money.

Altogether, it's been a really rough month, but things can get better and I'm doing everything I can to make that happen.

Just have to keep positive, right? This is just a short time in the grand scheme of things.

Sunday, 13 January 2013


Caught a stomach bug this weekend, so my study time was nonexistent. Thankfully my mother watched my kids while I spent yesterday alternating between curled up in the recliner and curled up around the toilet. The kids seem to have escaped the worst of it, fortunately.

I have an actual assignment due on Tuesday. None of my classes last semester had assignments, but my stats class does. It's one sheet, a simple stem and leaf plot of a series of numbers, and I am to describe the distribution. Not terribly difficult, so I should be able to finish it quickly tonight.

This semester is feeling quite a bit more relaxed than last semester. I have several friends with whom I study regularly, which makes it even more fun. A good friend of mine is in three of my classes, and we are in the same lab for all three. She's as much of a nerd about the subject matter as I am. We have a lot of fun in biology in particular, as it is a favourite subject for both of us.

She is a mom as well so we face most of the same challenges when it comes to study time and working around daycare schedules. It's nice to not feel like the odd one out. :)

My bio professor this semester can only be described as awesome. He is very old school in his approach to lectures, very rigid about his expectations, but he is hilarious. He very bluntly addressed the whole creationism approach in our class, since we do focus on evolutionary biology. I really like him, and am glad I'll have him in future classes.

Overall, I'm pretty confident about this semester. I planned my courses well, found people to hang out with, and am very happy. Hopefully I can arrange every semester in a similar fashion!

Friday, 4 January 2013

Day 1, Part 2

Yesterday, my physics class was cancelled and I didn't go to stats because I had to drop my husband off at the airport. We decided to have him come home next on his birthday, February 15th, which is six weeks and one day after he left. Works out nicely.

This morning I had chem, Spanish, and biology.

My chemistry prof is new. This is her first time teaching, so says everyone. She looked terrified, the poor dear. Didn't really lecture, just wrote down every word she said from a prepared document (which she will be posting online after.) This may turn out to be a class I don't need to attend very often...

Spanish did not go over well. Towards the end of class, the prof expressed that one can only get a good mark by attending the Spanish club meetings. As these are in the evenings, I simply can't go. He said class material will come up at them which will later be tested. This is unfair, given that nowhere in any documents pertaining to this course is it stated that we are required to attend additional hours outside of class and language lab. Due to this, I will be dropping Spanish. I'm looking into what other courses to take; a web-based one looks appealing. It will count for a writing-intensive credit which I need for my degree.

Bio, oh bio. I have an awesome professor. There is the possibility of up to 5% bonus in this class for doing the homework (which I intended to do anyway) so that's particularly nice. I really like him. He is very old-school, tough, but friendly.

It will be an interesting term!